Wednesday 22 November 2017

Your Mid-Week Update for 11/22/17

I’m not a major fan of slasher flicks. That may seem odd but here’s why: they get it so wrong. The weapon, angle, and force they the killer uses when attacking his villains rarely produces the amount of blood cinematographers think she is.

I am so distracted right now, I must apologize. James left his crime drama running on Netflix and now he’s watching it while he gets ready for work. He’s been binging some Australian show I can’t remember the name of but their language use is very hard to ignore when I’m typing.  

Now he won’t turn it off so who know who this update’ll turn out.

As I was TRYING to say: Cinematographers have no idea how much blood and gore are actually produced when a killer attacks his victims. Inaccuracies always pulls me out of my fiction. I have no idea how any of you handle my updates. They are riddled with half-truths. It’s all intentional mind you but it still can’t be easy to connect with someone you’re not certain you know.

Also Genevieve or whatever I called her before is proving to be such a pain in the ass. I doubt that’s what I called her earlier but that’s what I’m calling her for this update so…deal with it.

Not only is she incredibly demanding and adheres to a convenient schedule, I’m 95% certain she’s cheating on her boyfriend/lover/husband with another regular at the coffee shop. We’ll call him Roberto – because I will not remember these names come next week. He comes in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, about fifteen minutes after my target couple and sits across from them so that when her boyfriend gets up, Genevieve and Roberto make eye contact and smile at each other. Every time, without fail. And then they’re both on their phones until he comes back from the washroom or from apologizing to the barista for his girlfriend’s behavior. Every Time!

And they’re not even subtle about it. I’m pretty sure the entire staff team know all about it and gossip about it behind their backs. You think servers and baristas don’t notice this shit and talk about it on their off time? You must also think teachers don’t pick favorites. How nice to have such an innocent perspective about the world.  


I called her Mary in my initial update.

Whatever. Genevieve is cheating on her sugar daddy with some businessman who is admittedly very attractive which just uped her kill potential by half. The more suspects, the easier to kill. We’re still only acquaintances who say “hello”, “goodbye”, and “what is with this weather” with a few comments about The Bachelor or the latest dance show. I haven’t been as focused on my project as I could be. That might be a good thing. Too much attention too soon will absolutely send up some flags. However, my concern is that the two secret lovers will be exposed, Mary will be out on her ass and she won’t come to me for comfort which will guarantee she won’t trust me enough to let me kill her. The ideal scenario is that she and I exchange casual acquaintance Christmas cards this year.

I hate casual acquaintance Christmas cards. They are such a waste of money. I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to it. Time to step up my game.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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