Wednesday 8 June 2016

Your Mid-Week Update for 06/08/16

James would never ask me but I’ve recently thought about eliminating a few police officers in order to speed up his promotion. I really don’t like this waiting business. Before James I was a little more cavalier with my decision to kill law enforcement. It was rarely out of necessity but I simply enjoyed it – like I do all my other victims. I had to be much more careful with my selection but I confess to murdering the occasional civil servant over the years. Since my loving husband came into my life, I haven’t killed a single officer. A lot of it has to do with James having that bond with his fellow officers. If I got rid of his “brothers or sisters”, I’d never hear the end of it. Not that I’m leaping at the opportunity; police, EMTs, firefighters, I understand their important place in the world. I rely on them to take care of my family when I can’t and the work they do is incredibly good. But they are human like anyone else and if they’re going to die at my hand then it will happen. Out of respect for my husband, I haven’t killed a single officer but now that some of them may be in the way of his happiness, I may have to go against him.

I’m just so proud of James; he worked so hard for his promotion and, from what I understand, his superiors are satisfied by his work but not blown away which may be what gives him an advantage. Or it might be that none of the other officers are alive to accept said promotion. It just never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be an automatic thing. Now James is telling me that it could be years before he takes the next step in his career.

He wants me to wait but I’m seriously getting impatient. I want my husband to succeed, how can that be so wrong? Alright, I understand that my version of achieving success is a little twisted but my intentions are pure.

Patience is sometimes my virtue only when it benefits me.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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