Wednesday 7 January 2015

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/07/15

Charlotte is a dream and I’ve found my next victim.

Those aren’t related.

Also: I hate winter and “Friends” is on Netflix.

Those also aren’t related.

Let’s just start with Charlotte. Lunch with her was actually really nice. I’ve never had many girl friends in my life, I usually don’t have the time or I just kill them. It was surprisingly nice to have time away from the pressure of murder. I lied to her about how I knew her husband but other than that, I could just be myself. We got along very well and I wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. It doesn’t hurt that her husband is my stalker and our friendship irritates him to no end. I get the feeling that she also needs a friend right now. I know she’s frustrated over her husband’s job. She supported him when he switched careers to become a private investigator but now she never sees him; he’s always on assignment, she says.

I did apologize – as a client. She is the sweetest, really. She’s too good for Daniel – but more women are. It is nice to talk to someone. And if I also happen to learn tidbits about the object of my loathing then so be it.

I think, no matter what happens with Daniel, I’m going to try and stay in touch with Charlotte. She’s so lovely.

But on the subject of Daniel, I think I’ve figured out who I should kill next to get under Mr. Westburn’s skin. I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want to jinx anything and I still need to do a bit of research but I think this one will be fun but messy.

I’ll keep you updated…pun intended.

Okay, what else was there? Oh yes, winter.

I hate it.

Actually, I like the snow, and I prefer the cold, and the practicality of hiding bodies and using the elements is so nice; it just sucks. People are stupid. At the first sign of snow it’s like they forget how to drive. Or be courteous, or just generally appreciate the situation they’re presented with.

I’m not bitter about being cut off on the road and then getting stuck before I could go after them. No…

Not like I’d kill them anyways. While I’m very proud of myself for Barry the Barista, it’s still just one kill in MONTHS of abstinence. There was a time when I would be going after three or four kills per week. Then I got custody of the kids and I had to cut back. But this is ridiculous.

It’s been four months since I came home from the hospital, it’s time to start recovering. It’s time to get back to my normal routine.

Also “Friends” is on Netflix. That’s really all I had to say about that.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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