Monday 1 September 2014

My Review of Luminary

Heartbroken and a prisoner in her own castle, it is time for Calliope to take matters into her own hands. Mere days remain until she is bound to Sakari and the Waking Oak is destroyed. It seems hopeless, but Calliope is determined to fight. 

Loyal to the core, Sakari has always respected and followed his father’s direction, but Adair is pushing boundaries Sakari isn’t sure he wants to cross. Yet remaining loyal to his kingdom may hurt the ones he loves the most. 

Kai has a plan to save Faylinn. It’s risky and will require a sacrifice that may cost him his life, but if he doesn’t try, Calliope will be lost to him forever. 

War in Faylinn is fast approaching. Hearts will be broken. Sacrifices will be made. Lives will be lost. Only the strongest will be left standing.


I received a copy of Luminary by Mindy Hayes in anticipation of its release on September 4th and I am very excited to share with you the final chapter of Calliope’s story.

I am a huge fan of Mindy Hayes, I think she is a brilliant writer and I always look forward to her books. I’ve gotten a chance to read all three of the books in her Faylinn series:

·         Kaleidoscope

·         Ember

·         and now Luminary

As well as the first book in her Willowhaven series:

·     Me AfterYou

She has this incredible ability to create a world that comes alive for her readers. With her beautifully woven description and her dynamic and engaging characters. And her colours! I think I’ve talked about this before but she creates this colour pallet in your mind that leads you through the emotional ups and downs of the story. There are all these bright, vibrant colours that come up throughout the journey that just help create this beautiful world. I think Mindy Hayes has an incredible talent for creating fictional worlds that her readers can just step into.

Now that we’re on Book Three (the final book in Calliope's story), there’s been less world building and a lot more living in the space; which means the characters are bigger and more vibrant.

This book is unique from its predecessors in that it doesn’t just follow Calliope, our main heroine. We also get a first person account of the events from Kai, our male protagonist; and Sakari, our other male protagonist.

I’ll admit, I was a little wary of Sakari, who was introduced in Book Two, because he comes in specifically to disrupt the already established dynamic and relationship of Kai and Calliope. In a lot of ways I found him to be, well, weak. Not in that he was poorly written; but that he was so emotionally vulnerable – and kind of spineless – and I wanted to slap him. But he changed and he grew and by the end of the book, my heart felt for his struggles. He was a boy in love, desperate to both please and escape his father’s iron grip.

Kai was, of course, bone meltingly in love and yet infuriatingly stubborn and closed off. What else is new? Seeing scenes both past and present from Kai’s perspective just made me love him more for his ability to hide all that raw emotion.

And Calliope was her usual teenage, stubborn, often lonely self; with all the power in the world and yet powerless. She is the comforting voice to the readers: the one we know and understand and cheer for no matter what. She is the warrior princess with yellow wings, fighting for the right to have power and love.

How can you not fall in love with Calliope?

And you’ll see some of that in my Random Notes While Reading:

·        I want to hate Sakari but he’s just so…weak
·         He WAS really yours. Believe in the power of love!
·         Thank you! Calliope took the words right out of my mouth
·         He honestly thinks this is the best way; how?
·         Just because your home life sucks, Sakari, doesn’t give you the right to…oh I give up. You’re just so na├»ve
·         “How could I not be drawn to that blaze?”
·         I’m sorry. Proposing? He ain’t proposing shit
·         I probably shouldn’t but I’m glad Callie likes Sarai
·         I like the flashbacks so we could see what was in his buzzerwigging mind at the time
·         You are so easy, my friend
·         He chose archery so he could lean in close and show you his moves. We all know it
·         Why does she always smell so good?
·         Sorry, that’s really badass
·         No. Sakari, no. Stop. No
·         Shut up, Skye
·         That sounded like a sex joke from the boy who doesn’t understand sarcasm
·         It’s okay to like him as long as you remain focused on the end goal
·         My heart actually hurts for her
·         Oh honey, come here. Let me love you
·         Damn it, that’s actually a really cute nickname
·         Oh my heart hurts
·         The fact that he cares like this for her is enough to break your heart
·         I held my breath through that entire chapter
·         Spazzlick sounds like such a dirty word
·         I have a feeling Calliope and her boys could have their own show just with all that lovely dramatic tension
·         I knew Cam and Sakari would get along
·         Oh Callie, you’re being such a drama queen
·         But it’s breaking my heart
·         No, no, no, no, no, oh, no
·         That. Was. So. Cool.
·         How could you…why would you…I’m crying like a baby now
·         No, I think that’s the sweetest little thought
·         Aw Declan!
·         He, he, he, oh, saucy
·         That epilogue though

This story is full of action, drama, and romance; darkness, light, and magic. Hope and wonder – and lots of tears.

Though her story is ending, Calliope will remain one of my favourite characters to visit because she gives us hope that magic may be real and we’ve simply forgotten over time.

Luminary will be released on September 4th but you can get a copy of the first two books here.

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