Wednesday 2 April 2014

Your Mid-Week Update for 04/02/14

Dear lord I am exhausted. James and I returned from our long weekend trip Monday afternoon and spent the next 24 hours simultaneously scolding the children and supervising them as they cleaned the house. Neither of them will admit who started it but they threw a party in the house while we were away. A part of me is proud of the kids for rebelling like that and the rest of me is furious that they thought they could trash the house and there would be no consequences. Honestly, how can you reach your late teens without realizing that everything you do is your responsibility? Every single choice. And they had the audacity to blame each other instead of owning up for what they did and then complained about having to clean up for the entire afternoon as they scrubbed the house. They obviously take after their mother. When we were younger, my little sister never did her fair share and blamed me when she didn't get her way. That's exactly what I'm seeing in her children. I love them but they can be unmanageable at times. They have no regard for authority or sense of responsibility. I mean how can they even think this was something ‘okay’ for them to do? I know I’ve only been their guardian for the majority of their teenage lives but I thought we had some sort of mutual respect going on. And then I come home to this…disaster area.

I will not kill my god children, I will not kill my god children.

Some children are just beyond redemption. Unlike my charming weekend victim.

I don't actually remember his name and unfortunately I don't get his local station up here so I can't give you any information on him, sadly. Only the things I remember of our encounter. He was a young man, barely over twenty, lean and tall. Quite handsome in a striking way. Now, you can call me a lot of things but a cougar is not one of them so don't mistake me: I can appreciate an attractive man without finding him sexually attractive myself. Much to my husband's relief. 

I was very nice this weekend and let James pick him out. We met the boy at the grocery store in town. He offered to help me take my purchases out to my car and in exchange, I offered him work in our cabin. You should know me by now, dear readers, I am an opportunist so I wasn't about to kill him right away - I do have some patience. The cabin James and I purchased before the little terrors came into our lives was in desperate need of repair. We rarely go out there anymore and when we do, it's usually too cold for any outdoor maintenance. With the weather finally warming up I figured now was the perfect time to get some work done. 

I must say it was shame that boy died; he was a very hard worker. Never complained, never argued; simply did as he was told and accepted the payment we offered him (free meals, free wifi and fifteen dollars an hour). Call me cheap, call me generous, whatever, but the look on his face as the rat poison kicked in was absolutely priceless.

Don't call me cheesy, dear readers, I was trying to be poetic. Sometimes people try new things; branch out from their comfort zone. That should be rewarded, right?

Maybe I’ll just stick to murder.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe
This is a work of fiction. Any relations to people or events living or dead is complete coincidence.

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