Friday 28 June 2013

All the Guest Posts FTW

So up until Thursday night I was going to spend today talking about sexism in writing and how it's a male dominated profession and there was some witty reference to DickLit (as opposed to ChickLit). It was late, I thought I was a genius. And then I read it and was like

So instead I am going through all my old posts and showing you my collection of Guest Posts so you can admire them. Oh shiny. And while we're talking about guest posts, who are some people/genres that you would be interested in hearing from? I'm currently creating a list of  people that I want to talk to so feel free to add to it.

And here we go:
And that's it for this girl, now she's going to go and...have a nap, maybe plot a fan fic, read. Something befitting the end of a summer month.

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