Sunday 16 December 2012

Fairytale Week: The Week I Went Insane

So this entire week is going to be a bit of a cry for help on my part. I am going to make myself go crazy for the simple reason that I love you guys that much. This week marks to 200th anniversary of the Brother's Grimm publishing their first anthology "Children's and Household Tales" and some of you may be like "why should I care?" and you don't have to but I love fairytales so of course I really wanted to celebrate with you. So all week (well actually just Monday-Thursday) I'm bringing you something Fairytale themed.

Monday: It's still Monday Fables but I'm sharing with you a fairy-like story I wrote about a year ago.
Tuesday: The world is latched on to the fairytale remake idea so we're going to go through some of them and their pros and cons.
Wednesday: Anna Meade, the fairy queen, is coming on to talk about the importance of fairytales.
Thursday: Marking the 200th Anniversary with a little history fo the Brother's Grimm.
Friday: No more fairytales but I've got an update on the coming new year - should we make it that long...
Saturday: In co-ordination with my other blog Aiden's Angels I'm talking about the Traditional Scottish Christmas.

So, lot's to look forward to this week. The reason I'm going insane is because I have my final exams this week and I haven't finished writing christmas stories for the people who are getting short stories for Christmas. Lot's of craziness for me, lot's of awesomeness for you guys.


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