Wednesday 3 October 2012

Love Bites: Scandalicious Blog Entry

As a challenge from a fellow blogger, I'm posting my attempt at supernatural smut.

The challenge was to write a 2,000 max. lust-filled scene involving something to do with the supernatural as it IS October, the self-proclaimed month of scary, macabre-ness (my favourite). So I wrote a 1900 word story entitled Love Bites though it isn't about vampires.

Love Bites
“Be patient with me, it’s my first time.” She whispered, her breath steaming against his ear. His labored breaths were the only response she received as she stood to look him in the eye, terror bleeding from every pore of his body. He grunted, tugging roughly at the frayed ropes keeping him in place against the base of the tree but they refused to budge. She smiled, her eyes dark against her pale flesh and the reflection of the full moonlight, a flash of something dangerously calming in her eyes making his struggling slow to a whimper.
“Shh,” she soothed, sinking down onto her bare heels, her tattered brown skirt falling over her legs. “You were warned about coming into the woods at night.” She reached for his dress shirt and made quick work of it with clinical precision, as though it were just part of the routine to have her golden hair flowing over one shoulder while she held his terrified eyes with that same dangerous calm that had him mesmerized from the start. “Now you’re going to pay.”
He didn’t mean to but her eyes had hypnotized him, pulling him in, suckling on his soul until his erection was straining his dress pants. She smiled in satisfaction as she peeled the material over the bulge and licked her lips. She looked up at him through her eyelashes, flakes of gold against her silver skin, grey eyes dark with anticipation. Without leaving his eyes sat up, straddling his thighs and made him watch.
Her neck made an audible pop as she tilted it to the side, her skin almost too weak to contain the bone and muscle beneath it. He saw the flash of red beneath her skin when her hair swayed across her back and he knew there was something else buried beneath the surface of her skin. Running her hand across the swell of her breasts, exaggerated by the white off-shoulder top, she swept her hands lower and lower between the fabric alternating between light brushes of her fingertips and scratches at the surface of her skin as though she were eager to be out of it.
She closed her eyes, biting her lip against the ecstasy of all the fantasies playing through in her head. Her hips began to roll of their own accord but she let them, watch the enchantment fall from his eyes as realization came into play.
“Why don’t you just kill me?” He pleaded.
She pouted, barely keeping the smile from her face “where’s the fun in that?” Unable to contain it, the smile ripped through her face, lighting her features with anticipation before darkening when the moon past through a cloud, leaving them in darkness. Silence blanketed them for a moment before he gasped in surprise when she placed her hands firmly on the juncture of his hips and slid down  to straddle his knees, the fabric of her skirt rising to expose her naked flesh to his legs and making him jump in surprise. This was turning him on, she smiled; he wanted to enjoy this before he died.
When the moon returned to its rightful place his erection was free from his underwear, dancing before her flashing eyes, resting her chin in her hand and watching him grow harder and harder with anticipation. With a swiftness that no human could possess she sprang into action, slithering up his body, taking an agonizingly long lick of his shift before appearing over him, her eyes bright and delighted with the moonlight. He was entranced once again with her beauty as she smiled, exposing her perfect teeth, her canines stained with blood. He watched her as she reached between them, taking a painfully firm grip of him and sank down, watching her eyes flutter closed with the pleasure of it. She held there for a moment, absorbing him into her skin while he held his breath awaiting her permission. In a hidden breath her eyes flashed open, her pupils now black with passion and a lust for more than his body. She wanted his blood; the sinewy muscle beneath. She wanted his heart; literally.
Slowly she lifted herself above him, pushing against his chest, feeling the sporadic beat of his heart against the walls of his flesh, the ribs protecting his heart that would be so easy to break. “Don’t worry,” she whispered into the space between them “you’ll like this.” She sunk down of him again, taking him completely, a throaty sigh of satisfaction leaving her full, pink lips, eager to engulf his flesh within them.
She set the pace at a sensual, tantalizing slow pace their eyes locked as she rode slowly, his hips gliding with hers, rolling with hers. He watched her in the moonlight – a jewelry box dancer swaying in the cool autumn air – the roll of her stomach muscles beneath the thin, white top, clinging to bits of sweat-soaked skin; the slender, boney fingers which had left his chest to gather her skirt around her waist so that he could watch their joined bodies.
His eyes drifted lower to where he could watch her silken skin melting into his, a moment in each breath where he couldn’t tell where he ended and she began. It ignited a wave of lust that burned through him and gripped his chest tighter than her fingertips had. On her next roll he lifted his hips and thrust up to meet her, pushing deeper into her than he had before. She gasped in surprise and delight, her lips forming a scandalous ‘o’ and her eyes finding his with a reprimand that would never see the light of day.
She played along, enjoying the feel of him beneath her far too much to stop him as he met her thrusts again and again increasing the pace to a much more treacherous speed. She felt the cling of delight slip from her throat, trickling between her heaving breasts and drop off her belly into her core, planting the seed of genuine desire, a lust for him that had temporarily slipped away in the heat of passion.
And her speed increased even more, her smile shaking with anticipation. As she rode him, her hips rolling in an unsteady rhythm, she pulled her hands underneath her damp curls, her head drifting back and lolling to the side so her hands could drift lower. Dragging her nails over her neck and breasts, he gasped at the faint lines of blood trickling down through the material of her skin. His eyes met hers, dark and teasing, a moment before they disappeared behind a veil of white; her blouse discarded outside the halo their bodies.
He watched her glorious body now completely exposed to him and struggled against the ropes at his wrists, fighting to be free for a completely different reason than he had earlier. He wanted to touch her; reach out and caresses the skin he knew had to be perfect for the smoothness of their surface. He wanted to grab her and pull her to his body so not a single inch of her skin was her own.
But the ancient rope tugged tighter at his wrists, digging and peeling away his flesh the more he struggled against them and it only caused her to smile.  She knew what he was thinking.
Slowing down the pace at which she sunk onto him over and over again, she shifted forward, her hair falling in a curtain of waves over one shoulder and pressing her weight to his chest. His heart no longer beat in a sporadic, terrified rhythm but rather a steady pounding that was bursting through his chest, seeking her fingers. Soon, she thought; but to be sure, she leaned forward to reach above his head and check that his bindings were secure. His eyes followed her movements until he saw her breasts dangling there, tempting him and he saw an out – plea for his life – and a small means to quell his desire. Straining his neck he lifted his head, heavy with the last moments of his life, and engulfed her left breast. He feasted on her nipple risen to attention and burning hot to the touch. She tensed above him quivering with unrealized desire, not daring to break the connection but desperate to recapture control. She shivered when he left her breast with an audible pop and moved to her other, leaving one side of her body wet and exposed.
The seed in her core grew warmer, the hot oil spreading further around her hips until she rolled them to relieve some of the tension. His groan rippled through, vibrating in her chest breaking her resolve and forcing her to push away from him. She missed his heat the moment she pushed back up on his chest but she was determined to stay in control and the closer she kept herself to him the closer she was to losing control of all her primal urges. Soon, she promised.
Her movements above him were frantic now, desperate and filled with need more than the playful dances she’d given him before. It was his fault, and he knew it; the smile the spread across his face as she rode him faster and faster told her as much. “I see you’re liking it too.” The lag in conversation went unnoticed by the two but it lit the match igniting her core and sent her growling back to his lips, claiming him in a fierce battle that he completely surrendered to. Sucking on his bottom lip, she let her teeth sink down, running her tongue over it when she drew blood. Her eyes turned darker at the taste, sticky and sweet along her throat as she swallowed more of it down. His hiss of surprise grew to a cry of pain as swept her tongue along his jaw, rough and long to the tendon in his neck, quivering with anticipation. She bit down then, her teeth sinking into his flesh as she sunk down on his penis again and again. Gripping his shoulders to stop his struggling, she continued to bite and pull releasing the river of red from the confines of his flesh, lost to all sensations but his body around her, in her.
As she felt her climax building, the fire burning to a blinding heat, she pushed back from his screams of pain and panic and leant back to roll her hips faster and faster, anxious, desperate to feel the ecstasy building inside. She gripped her ankles and flung her head back, riding the waves of pleasure that burst through her with an open mouth and a howl of desire that stopped his heart. A wolf’s howl that ripped through the silence of the night, through his cries of pain. When her head snapped back, coming down from her orgasm, she licked her lips at the meal before her and he screamed; her eyes were black, no longer dilated but black with bloodlust and a desire to fulfil it. Her canines full and protruding from her dark red lips were drenched with blood – his blood. And she was locked intently on the open wound she’d created on his shoulder, oozing with the taste of blood and drawing her blindingly back to him.
“Dinner time.”

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