Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/15/20

Casey is really coming into her own. Yesterday, I picked her up from school and we drove out to a truck stop and she lured a driver into a secluded area to be slaughtered in less than two minutes. She had him eating out of the palm of her hand, believing everything she told him. It was so impressive. It’s what I imagine other people feel like when they watch me work.

And regardless of whether or not she continues this past graduation – which I hope she does – teaching her the art of manipulating men is a skill she will need in any profession.

Although James brought up something the other day. While I’ve been working at teaching her skills that will make her a successful killer, we haven’t really worked on things that she can take into the civilian world.

After I helped her dispose of the body yesterday, I brought up the idea of putting her into an extracurricular. She seemed open to it and we settled on swimming lessons and an afterschool debate team. The one caveat was that she was never allowed to kill anyone on or associated with the club. Way too suspicious. She wanted guitar lessons but I convinced her that with the invention of YouTube, we weren’t going to pay for a tutor and team activities look better on a post-secondary or job application.

And it takes a couple of days away from our training but it also decreases her likelihood of suspicion when I kill a member of her debate team.

I won’t, I’ll be good, but I am really glad that we’re looking towards her future. I know I said she would be able to do all of things I never got to do with Sandra but she’s also an opportunity to get it right the way I didn’t with Jason. I won’t force her to join the family business if she doesn’t want to. She seems to want to but if that ever changes or god-forbid she wants to become an assassin; I will support her.

She will be a well-rounded member of society who (maybe) kills other members of society. And so far, she’s headed down that path so I’m happy. She’ll be okay.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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