Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 09/11/19

Location is essential for every part of a murder. The kill site, the secondary location, the burial or disposal site, the alibi location. Where you are is essential to your survival.

Choosing any or all of those sites is not something you can necessarily teach without impeding a killer’s style. You can’t tell someone where to kill anymore than you chose their weapon. You an only instruct on how to read the world.

Suburban areas are great for camouflage but there’s a human/witness factor that you don’t have in rural or urban areas. Rural areas are wonderful for burial sites and secondary locations but not so good for alibis. Urban areas are lousy with opportunity and anonymity but technology makes witnesses and kill sites difficult to guarantee. But if you know all that, then you can plan accordingly.

For example, we are currently living in a generally urban area so Casey and I have spent a lot of time driving and walking around, getting a lay of the land; taking note of what areas have minimal surveillance, quiet or absent neighbours, a history of violent crimes. If James was working for the police department, we’d be able to use their resources to get a more accurate profile of the area but since he has – with my support – made the decision to pursue other career paths, we have to do it the hard way.

I’m not opposed to do the hands-on method. Obviously. It’s just been a while. Technology is a wonder and hinderance. A fact I’m careful to bring up, less I sound like a “grouchy baby boomer” – though I am neither. People forget Gen Xers in the generation discussion all the time. Who decided how the generations are divided, anyways? What is the distinguishing factor that can define over a decade of people? Cause it’s not even 10 years. It’s all weird arbitrary numbers. It has been fascinating to talk to Casey, however. As a “Gen Z”, there is a language barrier that I am trying to overcome without being the lame parent who tries too hard. Or lame Aunt. I’m not her mother.

How did her mother die? James told me (I might have told you about it) but I wonder if it warrants another look. Given our little one’s penchant for secret violence. When did it start, I wonder. A killer’s origin story is incredibly important. Are there traces left behind for others to follow years from now? Or is she undetectable?

She will be when I’m done with her.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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