Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 05/29/19

You will never guess what happened to me on Saturday.

Well, you may be able to guess but I’m just going to tell you, otherwise we could be here all day.

We were staying in a motel just off the highway, minding our own business. I had just decapitated a hitchhiker and left their body miles into the woods so I was good to go.

But then, we hear voices coming from down the hall early Saturday morning. Screams and a scuffle and shattering glass. We watch from the window as a shadowy figure exits the room moments before a concerned neighbour looks in and discovers the body of a young woman. She was stabbed to death after what appears to have been a quick but violent struggle.

And then the police came. Of course, we were booked through the weekend so we stayed, claimed to be asleep and awoke with the sound of crashing. Nothing about the mysterious assailant. Why offer any more than absolutely necessary? They spent the next few hours talking to all of us and processing the scene before leaving a tapped off room and some very distraught neighbours. Well, we were so shaken by the event that we had to leave without paying the full price of our stay. The night clerk understood and we left Saturday night with no real plan of where to go next.

We camped out in the woods for a few nights which allowed for some choice hunting. And now we’re settled in a motel near the water. It’s actually quite soothing. It almost makes me forget how close we were to losing everything back there.

What a coincidence that of all the motels, there is a murderer and a murder in one place with no connection at all. Seems unlikely. This feels like a warning. Or a message. Or something. Too close to someone finding us. Finding out the truth. I have to know who did this. I have to know if my family is in more danger. That’s why we haven’t travelled further. We’ll stay near the water until I find out who else is after my family.

There’s also…

Casey. She’s been on this nightmare with us and I never really asked her if that’s what she wanted. I knew I couldn’t leave her at the house so bringing her along made the most sense at the time but now this poor girl is being dragged all over the country and being forced to endure things I never intended to reveal to her.

She didn’t ask for this. But I can’t let her go.

She’s trapped.

It’s been weighing on my mind. When this is all over, I don’t know what she’ll do.

I could ask her to stay and keep our secrets. I could kill her to be sure and risk James never speaking to me again. I think I have to talk to her; understand how she’s feeling about all this. Convince her that family doesn’t betray each other.

Charlotte never understood that. Now look at her. A pile of skin and bones, handcuffed to a radiator, being fed scraps by a monster who deigns to let her live until it’s no longer convenient.

I will find the perfect revenge for her. I will convince Casey to be a part of this family. I will figure out who the murderer is. I will free Jason. And I will get us all back to normal.

No matter what it takes.

Because that’s what’s necessary for my family to survive.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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