Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Your Mid-Week Update for 02/24/16

I think I need to kill Charlotte. I know I've said that before but I really mean it this time. She called me on Monday morning and said we had to meet as soon as possible. So that evening, we went out for coffee and she stared at me. For an uncomfortable amount of time. She just sipped her coffee and stared. The poor woman has gone off the deep end. About half an hour into our silent coffee, she finished drinking and pulled her purse on to the table. I guess she was gathering courage by being silent and psychotic. I can't even guess at what's going on in her mind. 

She started pulling documents out of her purse until the tiny cafe table was overflowing. Daniel's bank statements, phone records, old case files stolen from his office. She's looking into the possibility that one of his old clients or subjects came after him. Like this is some spy movie where the private investor looks into the potential adulterer and uncovers a complicated drug smuggling operation instead. I saw some of Daniel's cases while we were stalking each other. He got slapped or punched by unhappy clients on occasion but nothing beyond a broken up marriage or an employer terminating a thief. Nothing that would get him killed. With the exception of my case file.K

Which I hadn't thought of until she laid it out in front of me.

By the grace of whatever deity may be watching over me, my name was omitted from the file. I know when the case was officially dropped, Danielle too my name off the record so he could investigate without losing his job. It is the one and one time I am glad for Daniel's obsession. After he stopped the investigation and after his disappearance no one at his work apparently looked into his files and noticed the anomaly.

I guess no one really cared for him except for Charlotte and me.

But now Charlotte has been looking into the death of my co-worker and wondering if the "potential suspect" or "unnamed persons responsible" could be behind his murder. She's thoroughly convinced that it's murder. There's no swaying her on that subject.

I just sat there and listened. Let her ask me questions about what I knew - my response was always "nothing". I told her my case was unrelated to the one she was investigating and the reason she couldn't find my file was because it was transferred to his co-worker a short time after Daniel took the case.

She seemed suspicious - or not entirely lucid - and I fear she's going to start asking the right questions.

Our meeting was brief and she left frazzled. I don't want to do it but she has to go. I've been putting it off, distracting myself with meaningless murder. I've been trying out different methods, seeing which way causes the least amount of suffering. I don't want her to go through any more pain than she already has.

My dear friend.

I will find the perfect poison for you

Any suggestions please let me know.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe  

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