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Review of Wonderlust

Wonderlust - Book Cover
I reviewed Wonderlust by B.L. Wilde for My Family's Heart. Check it out:

TITLE – Wonderlust
SERIES – Steel Roses
AUTHOR – B.L.Wilde
GENRE – Erotic romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 70K
COVER ARTIST – Laurynne Gouws


Natasha White has always been unlucky in love. The men she falls for only want one thing from her, and it isn't commitment. When her boss and on/off fling announces his engagement to another woman, she finds herself running from her feelings for him by taking a job as a personal assistant to the legendary rock god, Alex Harbour, €”half a world away. Her new boss is sexy, damaged, and insatiable, but Natasha has been a fan since she was a young girl. Conflicted by her emotions, she begins a love/hate relationship with the egotistical rock star.Alex's intentions toward her are clear from the moment they meet, but Natasha isn'€™t about to run from one emotionless connection to another. She is determined to keep her distance from her childhood crush, by any means necessary. When lust begins to cloud her mind, however, she becomes hell bent on protecting her heart. What good could ever come out of falling for a rock star, anyway?

Cliffnotes version: Natasha takes a job with the rock star (Alex) she’s had a crush on since she was 12 in order to get way from the boss she’s in love with. Sexual tension between Nat and Alex is palpable. Drama ensues. Happily ever after.

Admittedly I don’t read much erotic fiction because I assume the language to be too flowery and the plot to be non-existent. This novel both confirmed and blew away my expectations of how to present a story that specifically about sex.

Natasha is the first person protagonist who doesn’t pull any punches about her insecurities and desires. I adored the way she fought back and held her job equally to her relationships (despite the drama that made her leave her first job) but after a while, her insecurities and inability to communicate her feelings overshadowed my admiration. The same plot device was used over and over again with this character: she assumed the worst and instead of confronting someone or even thinking “this has happened before”, she jumped to conclusions and ran away. When the majority of the conflict revolves around a character who can’t handle adult confrontation (and it doesn’t get resolved), I worry.

Alex seemed to have a similar problem where I loved how crass and open he was but it quickly became a nuisance when his mood swings where only partially explained and rarely resolved. I got a “boys will be boys” vibe any time a character explained Alex’s actions which, while accurate, is annoying beyond all recognition.

In terms of the language used by our protagonist, it was blunt and emotion-based which I loved but it was very repetitive. The author used the same words and phrases consistently which became more of an annoyance than an endearment.

I find I didn’t make a lot of Random Notes While Reading because they were all the same reactions.
·         Clever way to introduce the character. Action-based and makes sense
·         I didn’t think they could talk about ethnicity in interviews
·         You’re not pulling any punches but you’re glossing over the good parts (after note: I mean his dick)
·         Mmm…that could have been a smoother transition
·         Those damn Irish boys
·         I’m debating where or not I love the repetitive language
·         A bit of an overreaction but I get it. Dramatic tension
·         I actually love how open she is about her physical attraction to him
·         That sounded so wistful in my mind. Hilarious
·         Ugh *rolls eyes*
·         Hot? Yes. Dirty? Totally. Crass? But I liked it. This isn’t a full on love story
·         Oh Diego, you walking gay ken doll
·         Her indecisive insecurity is getting old
·         I smell a recycled plot…
·         Aw
·         Aw…
·         Please don’t name her vagina. It’s bad enough you named his dick

I think I actually loved the few sex scenes we got to see. I just wanted more – this is an erotic romance after all – but their connection with and without sex seemed genuine so I wish the author hadn’t made that decision with Natasha. This story had the potential to be sweet, hot, and shocking and it just brushed the surface. 

Wonderlust - Author Photo


B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories and sexy men.She can often be found at her desk working on her next project, or looking at eye candy online for research purposes. She is a sucker for happy endings, but will always make her characters work for it. If you enjoy romance, suspense and erotica, let your imagination run 'Wilde'.


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