Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tech Week for Novels: Day Two (JuNoWriMo #11)

Okay I'll make this quick so we can all get back to plotting - or my lack of plotting because tonight is closing night and I'm going to be so tired come Monday morning but you'll still have a new chapter of Undercover Lovers AND a new JuNoWriMo lesson so please forgive me.

Following yesterday's talk on Act One, we're following it up with Act Two (shocking). Act Two is where all the action goes down. It's the "meat" of the story as it were. This is were conflict happens; obstacles and drama are at their finest. Leave your reader on the edge of their seat.

Be able to answer the following:
    1. Where have you deepened the drama?
    2. Where have you added complications for your protagonist?
    3. How are your character's motivations, desires, and vales causing him to react to events and situations in a way particular to him?
    4. How is your character changing? How is he affected by the events unfolding before him?
    5. What is the climax of the novel?
Again, Question 5 is oh so important because the climax is the height of your novel. This is where everything, the drama, the tension, the emotion is at it's peak. That peak comes at the end of Act Two.

Assignment Today: keep up with those bullet point scenes and continue into Act Two, conscious of the questions above as well as where you are ending your Act.


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