Monday, 1 April 2013

Undercover Lovers #12: Vampires

Tonight marks the 100th episode of ABC’s Castle which is an incredible milestone in television and I think it deserves all the recognition for being an incredible show. I started watching the show in the fall of 2009 right before season 2 started. It was a really bad time in my life; I was in the middle of High School and my best friend had just passed away and I was feeling very alone and very lost and more than a little terrified about the future. I had also stopped writing because I couldn’t get my thoughts onto paper without having some breakdown. Since I was probably about 8 years old I knew that writing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – I still have the first manuscript I ever wrote from when I was 12 years old (it’s call “Guardians of Legend”). But at that time I was very busy with competitive dance and I just…stopped writing. And then I watched the pilot for Castle.

I watched the entire first season (10 episodes) that first day. About half way through the pilot “Flowers For Your Grave” Stana Katic does this ^ very powerful scene that stopped my heart. Here was this actress whose name I couldn’t even pronounce (at the time: it’s St-aw-nah K-ah-tick by the way) and she blew me away with her incredible talent and remarkable beauty. So I googled her. Turns out everyone was thinking the same thing because everyone was asking who she was. They all knew Nathan Fillion but it was Stana Katic, the Canadian Serbo-Croatian goddess that attracted audiences to learn about this show and this woman. I ended up finding this ridiculously cute TV movie series “The Librarian” that she acted in just prior to joining Castle as well as a slew of TV guest spots and movies were she stood out as the one to watch. I read a few interviews and followed her on twitter, wondering if this actress was as incredible off camera as she was on. Turns out, she’s better. She has such a positive outlook on life and an incredible work ethic and she’s kind and sweet and crazy and takes incredible risks and does nothing by halves. This was the woman I wanted to idolize. And I really do and it’s all thanks to Castle.

More than that, it inspired me to get back to writing. I mean it’s a love story about a writer and a cop with an incredible team of writers that knows exactly how to enchant an audience. I sat down at my desk right after watching the season 1 finale and started writing. I don’t remember what I wrote (I think it was a kidnapping scene for something) I just remember feeling a tiny bit of the weight lifting off my shoulders. From there, I kept writing; I fell back in love with the written word and even my taste in fiction developed because of Castle. I was always a hopeless romantic which reflected a lot in my writing but I also had this interest in the macabre. Kate Beckett asked a question that still stays with me: “Aren’t you curious how people can do this [murder] to each other?” Since then, I’ve been wondering the same thing and have starting to explore that in the stories that I plot and write. Death has grown on me. I started writing fan fiction as well which has introduced me to a new community of people who helped me open up and became very dear friends.

I can attribute a lot of the person I am today to the things I gained from watching Castle: A love of Mondays and coffee; a love and appreciation of love and the unknown; an empty bank account; a new and broader taste in music; a larger library; knowing it’s okay to laugh and it’s okay to ask for help; a new wardrobe (have you seen Beckett’s jacket collection?); a desire to be more than who I am; a lot of sleepless nights; the ability to look back on a bad time in my life and not dwell; a community of writers and others who are just as lost as I am; and the best friend I have ever known (thank you El).

So really I just wanted to say thank you to Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller for creating Castle and to the cast and crew and the fans for letting me in and introducing me to this world. Thank you for giving me this outlet to write and to read and to grow. Most of all, thank you for 100 episodes of love, murder, tears and laughter. This community means more to me than I ever thought possible.

But speaking of writing, I have today’s chapter of Undercover Lover: Vampires for Dinner. It is a sex scene and a bit odd at that so if blood and naked people aren’t your thing then you can stop reading today, it’s okay. But if you do read, I would love to know what you think – especially if you have any pointers on improving adult scenes, it’s definitely not my strength.

I think I’ve talked long enough. Let’s get on with the story.

“I vant to suck your blood.”

“Honey, you are so drunk.”

The exchanges between Kate and Lanie had gone in that direction for most of the night. When the medical examiner had convinced her best friend to dress as a vampire to honour the first Halloween she and Castle were together all those years ago – and she meant “together” in the loosest sense since this was still back in the dark ages when the two weren’t yet sleeping together – she wasn’t expecting this. Kate Beckett, youngest female to ever make detective in New York City, the uptight queen, wearing tight, black clothes that were very near lingerie. Lace, tight and lacking coverage; and leggings that extended her legs another few inches at least with her black stilettos brought forth from the recesses of her past. Oh, and fangs – she was supposed to be a vampire after all. Castle was always close by, suited up in a dress shirt, ass-hugging black pants and a black cape. According to him, there was a miscommunication on which type of vampire they were going for. He followed her around most of the night, trying not to count how many drinks she was inhaling while keeping her from biting him. She was determined.

“Oh come on, Ricky, just a taste?” She pouted, her high-end veneers poking out and making him gulp. He was equal parts frightened and aroused which only made him paler. Well, it added to his vampire character, right?”

Lanie, dressed as the ever-gorgeous Nefertiti, passed the couple as she made her way to the door. “Sweetie, his blood isn’t in his neck anymore.” Rick closed his eyes, missing the naughty look his girlfriend past her friend.

“Oh really?” Kate purred, clinging to his shoulder. He pulled her hand away before it traveled too far down his chest.

“Oh-ho-kay,” he stuttered “party’s definitely over.”

Lanie, always the last to leave a good party, winked as she closed the door behind her. “Night, you two. Stay safe.”

The moment she closed the door, Lanie heard a thud as someone’s body was shoved against the back of it and she shook her head, chuckling as she reached into her top and produced her cell phone. “Hey Javi, what are you doing right now?”

Meanwhile, Kate had practically thrown her boyfriend against the front door, her mouth finding his neck with practiced ease. She licked and sucked the pulse at his neck, finding the erratic rhythm soothing, almost preparing him for the moment when she ripped his shirt open. A few buttons skittered across the room but neither was paying attention, Rick’s eyes only for her and Kate’s were zeroed in on his heart. The haze of lust fell over them and drowned out any noise but the sound of her teeth scrapping along his side and his coughing fits as he tried to push her away.

“Those are very sturdy false fangs, Miss Beckett.” He swallowed.

She paused just above his belly button where a tiny bead of sweat raced down in anticipation. Kate looked up at him through her eyelashes and he was gone. “I got them from the best fang master in the city and he assured me that they would withstand anything.” He jumped when she dug her teeth into his rib cage, not breaking the skin but certainly leaving her mark.

He pulled her up by her shoulders “Okay Kate, you’re clearly drunk. We should just go to bed and”

“Rick.” Her playful smile was gone and her eyes were clear. “You and I have not had sex in two weeks. Since we started dating over a year ago, that is the longest we have ever gone. I work in the morning – the day after Halloween in New York City – can we please. just. fuck tonight?” Without waiting for a response from her now very pale boyfriend, she squatted down taking his pants zipper with her. His pants were unbuttoned and hanging low on his hips before he could breathe – not that he was anyways – he would never get used to this beautiful and confident woman in high heels using him as a means of ecstasy.

With her tongue and teeth, she bit lightly at the junction of his hip, just enough to make his knees go weak at the heat of his girlfriend so close to his ever growing erection. He shivered when she licked his ribs, his hips pushing forward into her confined breasts, her nipples straining against the immoveable material, begging for his touch. She held him down with a stern look and a gentle press of her hand on the soft flesh of his hip bone.

He always had this problem with Kate where he had no idea what to do with his hands and tonight was no exception. They were everywhere - in her hair, over her clothes, gently across her face - and never satisfied constantly craving an unexplored area of his girlfriend that would give her a new passion and him a new fantasy.

She continued her way up his side while her free hand worked on unbuttoning his cuffs. When she finally reached his heart his shirt was pooled at his feet and her eyes, black with want, were zeroed in on the pulsing flesh within her gaze. She licked her lips and his mind was three steps ahead, imagining the logistics of what may or may not happen next. Some part of his mind free of haze warned that he should stop because really she was drunk and it just wasn't as enjoyable when they both weren't in their right mind. Another part of him was just trying to think of a sexy way he could get Kate out of her skin-tight pants. They'd discovered a while ago that it just wasn't possible but he'd still try if it meant being with her right now. Especially with the way she was looking at his body.

The entire half of his body was shivering with the attention she'd given it and with a lick to the salty, searing skin protecting his heart she completed the journey with a long, wide bite to the tendon of his neck. He swallowed and she hissed in delight, making it worse. With each bite, lick and suck while she devoured his flesh she made it increasingly difficult for coherent thought to remain intact for longer than a breath. It didn’t help – at all – that she took his stunned position as an opportunity to shove his pants all the way, letting them fall away while she eased his underwear tantalizingly over his pulsing shaft.

While keeping a gentle pressure and subtle stroke, her mouth travelled down his shoulder, giving it similar treatment to his ribs and stomach. His mind was far from clear and his head slowly fell back to the door, closing his eyes and releasing a grunt.

He fell back to reality when she bit into his forearm, enough to break the skin. She peered up at him through her eyelashes, her hair falling over one shoulder, and he watched as she drank up the red liquid appearing on his skin. He surprised himself by forgetting to breathe, everything coming to him in a single wave that had him trapped to the wall. He watched her as she continued to suck up droplets of blood and was overcome with the hungry desire to share her taste. He folded his arm in, guiding her head to his so he could wrap around her neck and pull her flush against him, hips and hearts meeting.

He moaned into her mouth at the coppery taste of his blood in her mouth. More aroused and completely conscious he caught himself staring at her while they kissed, teeth scraping together, seeking more and more with each breath. Most areas of his body protested when his hands pulled her away just enough that he could form a sentence.

“Kate, I’m serious.” God, he sounded so sincere even though there were three separate parts of his anatomy that were kicking him. “I hate having sex when only one of us is coherent; especially playing around like this.” You fool, you fool. “Maybe we should stop.”

He didn’t expect Kate to straighten her shoulders and roll her eyes. She almost looked…sober. “Castle, you can drop the act, okay? Everyone is gone.”

“What?” He opened his mouth a few times but that was the only question that seemed to come back. “What?”

“I’m not drunk, Castle, I pretended to be to get people out of the loft faster.” She bent at the waist, taking her leggings with her; stepping out, Rick decided that Kate Beckett naked from the waist down in stilettos was the sexiest thing in the world – so he guessed, it could be done. “Now can we get back to business?”

It took only a moment. “I love you.” Gripping her waist and shoulder blade he spun, forcing her flat against the wooden surface that shook with the force of his passion. She muttered 'thank god' when he finally entered her and he groaned in response, vaguely telling himself that he should start carrying a few condoms everywhere he went...even a Halloween party in his loft. His girlfriend was something of a marvel to him and the feel of her wrapped around him, shoved up against his door in a familiar and intimate position was worth every lost and missed moment before.

His thrusts were long and deep, reaching inside her as far as he could while maintaining his balance. She was gone to world, absorbing every inch of his heat and passion and sanity, her ankles locked under his ass, helping him fill her completely. Every time she opened her mouth a deeper, richer version of passion was released into the world, her head lolling side to side, seeking his flesh but never touching.

Her mouth fell to his shoulder, kissing the burning flesh before sinking her teeth in, releasing a spring of blood. He sped up his pursuit in ecstasy. While she licked and sucked up the red liquid her hips rolled from the added pleasure and she quickly saw a white haze at the edge of her eyes. The white fog burst open and she dove over the edge of the cliff, her head falling back as she cried out.

As per their unspoken relationship he quickly followed everywhere she went. Releasing into her he fell into the door, using his girlfriend for support while they both returned to reality. She looked at him through hooded eyes, a devious smile on her lips. "Thank you." She muttered pressing her lips quickly to his, running her tongue over his bottom lip to remind him just how perfect she was for him. She nuzzled his nose, her eyes falling to the two puncture marks pinching out a few more drops of blood. She winced; had she really done that? "Sorry about the scratches."

"Scratches? He pulled back moving his hand down to hold her shoulders. "You bit my shoulder and my arm, I'll be lucky if I don't get permanent scars." He didn't think it was possible to love her more until she blushed and buried her face into his neck, blushing further when she smelt the last drops of blood clinging to his skin. "Hey," he pushed her head up "that was the second hottest thing you've ever done. Definitely unexpected but totally hot."

She raised an eyebrow, almost anxious for the answer. "What was the hottest because I honestly can't think of anything more ridiculous that we've done lately..." he cut her off with a quick peck to the lips.

"The day you came up to me and said 'Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD'." Another kiss. "Was the hottest," kiss "coolest" another "most perfect moment ever."

"That's the day we met."

"And we've only gotten better from there." She kissed him sweetly, still clinging to him, never letting go. He rested his forehead against hers. "But I do think we need to go to the doctor, just so I can get updated on my shots and everything. I mean, who knows what diseases you might be carrying around." She squeezed her thighs around his legs, digging the heels of her shoes into the tender flesh of his backside. "Still worth it" he winced when he saw her predatory smile. "So totally worth it."

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